Films for Palestine screening series

wave~form~projects + re:assemblage collective present:

A series of film screenings affirming Palestinian people’s sumud ( صمود ṣumūd) meaning “steadfastness” - a Palestinian cultural value, ideological theme and political strategy) and resilience, with an opportunity for discussions on the impacts of the ongoing genocide in Gaza and continuous repression across historic Palestine. Our two collectives are coming together to co-present screenings of current and historical films under the banner ‘from the river to the sea’, in line with other interconnected global initiatives centering Palestinian voices in cinema. The series foregrounds political education through film, concurrent with a call to support BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) for individuals and institutions across Turtle Island.

1st Screening:

Khaled Jarrar 
2012, Palestine/UAE/Lebanon, 70 minutes

“Infiltrator” is the Israeli term used to describe Arabs who “unlawfully” enter Israel. The Infiltrators takes viewers on the dangerous daily voyages by Palestinians who risk injury, capture or death in order to access employment, medical care, places of worship or family on the other side of the wall. Jarrar foregoes commentaries and narration in the film, allowing instead the montage of harrowing scenes of Palestinians going over, under and through the wall to expose the inhumanity and absurdity of this illegal barrier, and reveal the perseverance of those who surmount it.

Preceded by
Rehab Nazzal
2009, Palestine/Canada, 4 minutes

“A Night at Home was shot in Palestine in 2006 during a night invasion to my hometown near Jenin by the Israeli occupation forces. My mom, my son and I woke up to the sound of shooting. In the dark, trapped in our beds, we listened…this video presents glimpses of the violence civilians have to endure under military power.”


Co-presented with Rendezvous With Madness 

Ma mère, David et moi
Taysir Batniji (2012, 15 minutes, Palestine)
Home Movies Gaza
Basma Alsharif (2013, 24 minutes, Palestine/France)
Scenes of the Occupation from Gaza
Mustafa Abu Ali (1973, 14 minutes, Palestine)
Electrical Gaza
Rosalind Nashashibi (2015, 18 minutes, Palestine/UK)
Gaza Diary
Taysir Batniji (2010, 5 minutes, Palestine)

Followed by testimonies from co-founder of the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations Canada, Dr. Anas al-Kassem and a discussion on the situation on the ground in Gaza.